About Us.


About Us

The Hospice Quality Partnership (HQP) was formed to help hospices and is owned by the hospices it serves. Because we’re part of the hospice world, we understand what issues hospices face and how we can help.

We’re a new, innovative, social enterprise with partner hospices from across the UK, who all hold an equal share in the company. Our aim is to help hospices of all sizes save money, by improving procurement, reducing operating costs and sharing data for best practice. By working together on our more entrepreneurial ideas, we also plan to create additional revenue.  

That way, we make sure that hospices make their funds go further, to where they’re needed most – looking after their patients and families’ needs.  


Our people
Our people have all been involved in the hospice industry for many years and are passionate and knowledgeable about what they do. They believe in hospices delivering a quality service that’s in the best interests of the people who need them.

Please contact us on 01625 509198 for more details.

How we came about
The challenges faced by hospices in the UK are growing. As a nation, we’re living longer which means rising demand for services, while at the same time Government funding is very limited and competing for voluntary income is even tougher.  We recognise the need to help hospices to reduce costs and set up HQP to do just that.

We also recognised that the partnership provided a way in which hospices could share data and improve business decision making, and even go one step further to explore opportunities to make money together.

We now offer a range of services to our partners, from supply agreements and up to date performance information, to developing partnership opportunities. Partners become a part of the HQP community where everyone pulls together to reduce costs, add value and save time.  

Our values
HQP’s values are simple. We have a passion for hospice care and believe in the strength we have by working together as partners with integrity, accountability and innovation.  Supporting our partners is crucial to our success, and we never want to stop learning how to do things better together.

If you’d like more details, please call us on 01625 509198 or contact us here.


If you are a UK hospice and interested in becoming a partner, click here.

We also welcome affiliate partners who share our social purpose so please contact us, if you would like further information.

Please visit our About Us section to view a list of our current hospice partners.


Our supplier partners play a crucial role in making sure that UK hospices can deliver the highest quality of care to our patients and their families. If you’d like to become an HQP supplier, click here.


The Hospice Quality Partnership is committed to offering a range of supply agreements and contracts that are instantly accessible to its partners. To see our latest offers, click here.